AES Vienna 2007
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Last Updated: 20070418, mei

Sunday, May 6, 11:00 — 12:30


Tim Harris, Snell & Willcox

This tutorial takes an audio-oriented look at the MXF file format. It will start off with a general introduction—to the basics of MXF—what MXF is, why it was invented, by whom it was developed, and how it was standardized. The tutorial will then focus on the MXF synchronization model, and the capabilities of the format to combine audio, video, data and metadata in a versatile way.

Carriage of essence within MXF will then be explained with a particular focus on audio. Attention will be drawn to the involvement of the AES in providing the underlying international reference for the Broadcast Wave format. Metadata annotation of essence, particularly recent work on the MXF Master Format Guidelines for multi-lingual annotation, will be explained.

The talk will be interspersed with demonstrations of how MXF software could be used in real-world workflows.