AES Vienna 2007
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Last Updated: 20070320, mei

Saturday, May 5, 14:00 — 16:00


Jeff Levison

The increasing popularity of multichannel playback systems has required the development of a variety of recording and mixing techniques. Artists and engineers are more aware of the impact of speaker placement on the balance between envelopment and imaging— especially for the surround channels d for the reproduction (or illusion) of reverberation and other acoustic environmental aspects. Increasing the number of channels reproduced can ease the dilemma of this envelopment/imaging compromise, and now new high definition playback methods, such as Blu-ray and HD DVD, offer eight channels of discrete reproduction with simultaneous high quality video. Besides using these extra channels for extra surround channels, the possibility exists for the inclusion of height channels for greater spaciousness and vertical pan positioning. This tutorial will present a group of realized examples of 7.1 with four surround channels and alternate mixes with 5.1 plus height.

Comparisons will be made between stereo, 5.1, and these new 7.1 mixes. Proposals of other higher order systems and the possible improvements to three-dimensional audio presentation will be discussed.