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Last Updated: 20070419, mei

Monday, May 7, 16:00 — 22:00


This tour will center on the setup and recording of Graham Blyth's organ concert at the Jesuitenkirche. This will be a hands-on session with direct involvement of anybody attending. The concert will be recorded in 2+2+2+2 surround with height and in conventional 5.1 surround.

The following aspects of the recording process will be explained during the setup:
- Microphone selection and placement
- Equipment configuration, recording chain
- On-location monitoring via headphones

The new organ of the Jesuitenkirche is one of the most famous organs in Vienna. Its control elements are rebuilt from a typical Cavaillé-Coll console.

Tickets for this technical tour will be available at the front desk. Meeting point is the ACV main entrance. A student will guide all participants to the church (Dr. Ignaz Seipel Platz). Public transportation will be used.

In conjunction with this recording, Werner Dabringhaus and Ulrich Vette will present a workshop at the convention on Tuesday at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. For details see W26, W27.