AES Vienna 2007
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Monday, May 7, 09:30 — 13:30


Have a sneak peek into the Silent Stage of the Vienna Symphonic Library, one of the biggest producers of virtual instruments world-wide. Here, recording musicians as well as sound technicians and musical directors find optimal conditions for capturing perfect samples—ultimate control over the recording conditions and the absolute silence required for sampling sessions—in a studio solely designed for that purpose. See a presentation of the Vienna Instruments, the most powerful virtual instruments currently on the market, tailor-made for the massive sample database of over 1.5 million samples recorded in the Silent Stage. Meet the creator of MIR, the Multi Impulse Mixing and Reverberation Engine which adds space to the alchemy of digital orchestral music production. Based upon the principle of multi impulse response convolution, the Vienna Symphonic Library digitizes (“samples”) the characteristics of spaces like the Great Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus with unprecedented detail and methodology, taking this technology to the next level and capturing the great concert stages of the world in their full glory—wall to wall, floor to ceiling, in three dimensions! For more information go to