AES Vienna 2007
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Sunday, May 6, 18:15 — 19:15

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The Richard C. Heyser distinguished lecturer for the 122nd AES Convention is Gerhard Steinke. He was born in 1927 and studied acoustics in Dresden, Germany. He began his career at Radio Dresden as a sound engineer in 1947. In 1953 he moved to Berlin’s Radio and Television Research Centre (RFZ), where he established a laboratory for acoustical-musical boundary problems in broadcasting. In 1956, Steinke set up the first subjective listening test group to assess sound recordings, studios, and impairments in the broadcasting chain. This concept and the associated findings are included in various international standards (OIRT, ITU-R, and EBU) and documents (SSF, AES) on listening tests and test rooms. He was also responsible for the introduction of stereophonic broadcasting in East Germany and established an experimental electronic music studio with the new Subharchord synthesizer in 1962. In 1971 he became the director of the Research and Development Department of Sound and Video System Technology of RFZ. Together with co-inventors he developed the "Delta Stereophony" sound reinforcement system and a home processor for multi-channel sound. He moved to Deutsche Telekom in 1990 where he set up the research and development group for new sound transmission systems.
Gerhard Steinke lectured sound technology and electronic music at Berlin’s University of Music in the Tonmeister discipline for 27 years. Since his retirement he published further numerous papers and lectures, and contributed documents to the Surround Sound Forum of the Tonmeister Society (VDT) and to the AES.

For his work in the field of standards he received the Honorary Golden Medal of the OIRT and was awarded the Bèkesy Medal for his contributions to audio by the Hungarian Acoustical Society.

Steinke is a life member and fellow of the AES and served as vice president, Europe Region of the AES from 1991 -1993, where he initiated the inauguration of new AES sections in the Eastern European countries. He is also member of the VDT.

The title of his lecture is, "What Is Needed to have the Audio-Eldorado at Home?"

Steinke’s presentation will be followed by a reception hosted by the AES Technical Council.