AES Vienna 2007
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Last Updated: 20070426, mei

Tuesday, May 8, 12:30 — 14:30


Mathias Coinchon, EBU
Lars Jonsson, EBU/Swedish Radio
Gregory Massey, APT Ltd. - Ireland

Audio over IP end units have become common in radio and tv operations for streaming of audio over IP networks, from remote sites or local offices into main studio centres. ISDN is gradually replaced by IP-circuits.

The IP networks used can be well-managed private networks with controlled quality of service. The Internet is increasingly also used for various cases of radio contribution, especially over longer distances. Radio correspondents will have the choice in their equipment to use either ISDN or Internet via ADSL to deliver their reports. In France even distribution to FM transmitters via IP over well managed MPLS-networks is planned to replace older circuits.

More than 15 manufacturers provide equipment for these applications.

With almost no exceptions, end units coming from one manufacturer today are not compatible with another company's unit. Based on an initiative coming from German vendors and broadcasters, the European Broadcasting Union, EBU, has started a project group, N/ACIP, Audio Contribution over IP, to suggest a method of create interoperability for audio over IP. A draft standard has been proposed by the EBU. Some manufacturers already have begun implementation as a minimum interoperability option.

The tutorial will cover the standardization process and give a basic overview of audio over IP.