AES Vienna 2007
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Sunday, May 6, 10:30 — 12:00


Lifetime Hearing

This seminar will focus on the audio engineer’s main tool: the ears. It will start with the theoretical presentation of the human hearing system, sensitivity curves, generalities about listening in public venues, recommendations, etc..

Practical solutions for comfortable listening will be described: what can we do to increase the quality in public venues without pumping up the volume? Can we make good sound and respect the sound pressure limitations ?

Listening with headphones: is the drone of jet engines or the whine of the train keeping you from enjoying your music or movies. Noise-cancelling headphones alleviate this widely ignored problem. By cancelling out the sound of airplanes, buses, and other sources of aural aggravation, they enable you to hear every note in your personal soundtrack without blowing out your eardrums. And the application is not only for the comfort of travellers. Users in pro-audio are discovering them; disc-jockeys, radio technicians, F.O.H., and monitor engineers, operating in a noisy environment can use noise-cancelling headphones for PFL listening.