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AES E-News: May 29, 2009 - Automotive Audio Conference, Denmark Conference Registration, New Journal

1. 36th Conference on Automotive Audio Starts Tuesday
2. Registration for 37th Conference Now Available
3. Author Note: 127th Convention
4. May AES Journal Available Online

AES 36th Conference - Dearborn, MI, USA 36th Conference on Automotive Audio Starts Tuesday
June 2-4, 2009
Dearborn, Michigan, USA

This conference will focus specifically on the technical and creative aspects of In-car audio systems. The conference is for Automotive Audio professionals and those whose work is related to designing, engineering, researching or testing automotive audio systems. Register today!

AES 37th Conference - Hillerød, Denmark Registration for 37th Conference Now Available
Make plans now to attend the 37th Conference on Class D Audio Amplification being held August 28-30 in Hillerød, Denmark. Registration has just been launched.

AES 127th Convention - New York, NY, USA Author Note: 127th Convention
The 127th Convention paper proposal deadline is June 5th. You can submit a proposal or view the call for papers.

JAES May AES Journal Is Available Online Here
This issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Objective Measurement of Speech Intelligibility
      Loudspeaker Arrays
      Optimum Bandwidth for Quality AM Broadcasting
• Engineering Report on:
      Heat in Loudspeakers Compresses Sound
Tutorial: Hearing Enhancement
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, Sound Track, etc.

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