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July 14, 2009 - AES on Facebook, New Oral History DVDs, Event Reminders, New Journal

Table of Contents

  1. AES Is Now On Facebook
  2. Next Batch of Oral History DVDs Released
  3. AES New York 2009 Housing
  4. 37th Conference: Class D Audio Amplification
  5. AES Journal June Issue Now Available

AES Is Now On Facebook

AES Is On Facebook

If you use Facebook then please take a moment to add the AES to your profile. All you have to do is click here and then click the link at the upper middle part of the page next to Audio Engineering Society that says "+1 Become a Fan". It only takes a moment and then you can easily locate other AES members and see the latest society updates.

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Next Batch of Oral History DVDs Released

Oral History DVDs

The AES Historical Committee has just released another batch of 20 DVDs containing interviews with audio innovators and industry leaders. Visit their web store to read bios and watch excerpts on YouTube. Here is the complete list of interviews that were just added: Bruce Martin, Bill Hanley, Ed Greene, Neil Muncy, David Hewitt, Dr. Floyd E. Toole, Dr. Marina Bosi, Frank Abbey, James E. Webb, Ioan Allen, Manfred Schroeder, Hamilton Brosious, David Blackmer, Kunimaro Tanaka, D.B. Keele Jr, John Meyer, Gualtiero Berlinghini, Jerry B. Minter, Dan Dugan, and Walter Selsted. There is a rich amount of information contained in these videos so have a look through the listings and learn from the masters!

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AES New York 2009 Housing

AES New York 2009

You can now book your hotel for the 127th Convention in New York.

If you want a specific hotel we'd suggest booking early before any hotels sell out. We will be posting the full convention program by the end of July.

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37th Conference: Class D Audio Amplification

37th Conference

Registration is still open for the 37th AES Conference on Class D Audio Amplification in Hillerød, Denmark. The conference committee has compiled a very comprehensive program including 20 high quality paper presentations and a workshop. This includes a Keynote Address from Lars Risbo of Texas Instruments and an invited presentation by John Oh of Pulsus. This will ensure a world class scientific level of information at the conference, where all leading scientists and practitioners in Class D Audio Amplification will meet, exchange knowledge and expand their professional network. The Conference dates are August 28-30.

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AES Journal June Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This issue includes:

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