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AES E-News: April 30, 2009 - Munich Convention Registration, Latin America Conference, New Journal Issue

1. 126th Convention in Munich - Registration Extended
2. AES Latin America Conference 2009
3. April AES Journal Available Online

AES 126th Convention - Munich, Germany 126th Convention in Munich - Registration Extended
AES Munich 2009
Conference: May 7-10
Exhibits: May 8-10

Advance Registration for the Munich convention has been extended through May 5th so you still have time to register for discounted admission.

We're continuing to update the technical program with last minute changes so make sure to read about all the exciting events happening in Munich next week!

AES Latin America Conference 2009 AES Latin America Conference 2009
The city of São Paulo, Brazil welcomes the AES Latin America Conference 2009 which will occur May 26-28.

As the main entrance point for international flights and the country's largest airline hub, São Paulo was a logical choice for hosting the Conference. We expect a diverse and exciting group of engineers from Brazil and all of Latin America to visit us on the three days of the event.

The technical program, the exhibits and the other events scheduled make the AES conference the largest professional audio event on the continent. It is a stage from which industry specialists showcase their information and share their experiences with their fellow audio enthusiasts.

JAES April AES Journal Is Available Online Here
This issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Sound-Field Homogeneity in Small Rooms
      Localization of Sound Sources in Real and Virtual Rooms
      Detecting and Tracking Tonelike Components
• Engineering Report on:
      Using Virtualized Loudspeakers for Evaluation
Tutorial: Audio Networking for the Pros
35th Conference Report, London
36th Conference Preview, Dearborn
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, Sound Track, etc.

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