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AES E-News: December 10, 2008 - AES Journal Podcast, Author Note, November Journal

1. AES Journal Podcast
2. Author Note (36th Conference)
3. November AES Journal Available Online

AES Journal Podcast AES Journal Podcast
Each month the AES Journal Podcast will quickly guide you through the contents of the Journal's papers, "back of the book" articles, and other Society activities. You can listen to the AES Journal Podcast on your computer or MP3 player. If you use an application such as iTunes you can subscribe to receive the AES Journal Podcast and have it delivered automatically to your computer each month. If you'd rather not subscribe, you can download each podcast episode individually. You can find subscribe and download links on the AES Podcasts page. The AES Journal podcast is free and you can cancel at any time.

Author Note (36th Conference)
The 36th Conference proposal deadline is December 17th. You can submit your proposal here.

JAES November AES Journal Is Available Online Here
This issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Full Room Equalization at Low Frequencies
      Efficient and Backward-Compatible Multichannel Coding
      Modeling the Transient Acoustic Field of a Loudspeaker
      Spatial Accuracy Requirements of HRTF Magnitudes
Feature: Concert Hall Acoustics
35th Conference Preview, London
Calls for Nominations: Board of Governors and Awards
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, New Products and Developments, etc.

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