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AES E-News: March 2, 2007 - Finland and UK Conferences, AES Vienna Hotels, Student Website, Jan/Feb Journal

1. 30th Conference: Intelligent Audio Environments
2. 22nd UK Conference: Illusions in Sound
3. AES Vienna 2007: Hotel Booking Available
4. New AES Student Site Launched: aes-sda.org
5. January/February AES Journal available online

30th Conference: Intelligent Audio Environments
AES 30th International Conference
Intelligent Audio Environments
Location: Saariselkä, Finland
Dates: March 15-17, 2007

Intelligent audio environments are an emerging field of technology. Future audio environments are bound to include a variety of devices and applications working together to create an integral audio experience to a user. For this purpose, the applications need to become aware of the surroundings, and to unite with each other and with the acoustical environment. Means for controlling and rendering various sound events and acoustical environments are also needed.

The theme of intelligent audio environments includes several subtopics that are often studied individually. This 3-day conference aims not only to bring together researchers and developers working directly on future audio environments, but to bring together scientists working on related subtopics, and to encourage interaction between their fields.

Registration has been extended to March 12th but we can no longer guarantee new hotel reservations since the event is only two weeks away. You can access the full AES Conference Program.

22nd UK Conference
Illusions in Sound: the application of psychoacoustics to audio
April 11-12, 2007
New Hall, Cambridge, UK

The 22nd AES UK Conference will cover the whole gamut of techniques, technologies and controversies involved in the art of creating convincing illusions in audio through the use of psychoacoustics - our knowledge of how the ear/brain combination works to enable us to hear and localise sounds around us.

Among almost 20 papers, the role of psychoacoustics in consumer and sound reinforcement audio system and loudspeaker design will be examined, along with an overview of the latest developments in spatial recording and reproduction. The latest, stunning techniques for realising full 3D surround will be unveiled, and dramatically different approaches to the art of creating surround recordings will be contrasted, along with a panel that asks the question, "What do we really want from surround-sound?"

Presenters will look at how the 'sound' of real acoustic spaces can be captured for use in surround reverberation systems, provide an overview of audio in the electronic games industry and discuss the applications of surround-sound in radio drama. Wavefield synthesis techniques and hierarchical structures for delivering highest quality surround to a range of target systems will be examined along with the art of creating music in space - and spaces for music.

Presentations will cover both the most recent research and the latest practical developments in the art of creating sonic illusions.

In addition to the papers there will be two demonstration rooms in which current 3D and planar spatial reproduction systems can be experienced, compared and enjoyed, with a wide variety of content.

More information is available on-line.

AES Vienna 2007: Hotel Booking Available
122nd AES Convention, Vienna, May 5-8, 2007

Details of the Program and Registration will be available shortly, but you may book your hotels already.

New AES Student Site Launched: aes-sda.org
The new AES Student site has now been up and running for nearly a month, with great reviews from all who have visited so far. This new site is filled with monthly articles and columns on various topics, along with an interactive discussion forum open to all AES members.

Be sure to visit the site at aes-sda.org and use your normal AES username and password to log in and access the members-only content.

We would like to put forth a call for articles and columns from professionals and educators to post on the site. Any article that could prove to be of interest to the AES membership, and particularly AES student members, is welcomed. If you are interested in contributing to this new site, please contact Joshua Tidsbury, the SDA Chair for North and Latin America.

A note to students: Forms and information for the upcoming recording and design competitions in Vienna are now available. Please visit the site for more information.

JAES January/February AES Journal Is Available On-line Here
The issue includes:
• Papers and Engineering Reports on:
      Spatial Noise in Digital Loudspeakers
      Lossless and Near-Lossless Encoding Standards
      Optimizing Miniature Loudspeakers
      Analytic Model of Ultrasonic Transducer
Feature: 29th Conference Report, Seoul, Korea
Feature: Psychoacoustics in Action
Call for Papers: 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo
Call for Papers: 123rd Convention, New York
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, New Products, etc.

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