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AES E-News: April 27, 2007 - AES Vienna Almost Here - Now Includes Spotlighted Topics, 31st Conference, April Journal

1. AES Vienna 2007 Almost Here - Now Includes Spotlighted Topics
2. 31st Conference Registration Now Available
3. April AES Journal available online

AES Vienna 2007 Almost Here
AES Vienna 2007 Now Includes Spotlights on Audio for Broadcast, Archiving and Live Sound
122nd AES Convention
May 5-8, 2007
Austria Center Vienna - Vienna, Austria

Pre-registration has been extended for a few more days so don't delay.

At this convention we have made it easier to see the events in three important topic areas, by shining the Spotlight on Archiving, Audio for Broadcast and Live Sound. Go to the Spotlights Page to see more on the sessions in these areas and to download PDF brochures for a handy reference to what is going on, and when, while you are at the convention.

The 122nd Convention Committee is continuing to update the full convention program on the AES website and you can get an overview of the entire schedule by viewing the convention calendar. Just click on any event for more information.

You can also browse through the program by subject category or jump straight to the exhibition information.

Make sure to register today so you don't miss out on the advanced pricing discounts.

AES Conference on New Directions in High Resolution Audio 31st Conference Registration Now Available
New Directions in High Resolution Audio
June 25-27, 2007
Queen Mary, University of London - London, UK

This Conference is concerned with the promotion and delivery of high resolution audio, by maintaining quality throughout the recording and playback chain with current and future technologies. It reflects the tremendous recent growth of high resolution audio techniques and products intended for use throughout the audio recording and playback chain. However, issues remain on how to avoid bottlenecks where quality is compromised, and how to maintain and encourage high resolution audio in an ever-changing marketplace. These concerns are of interest to the audio engineering, recording and production industries, as well as to education and academia.

We aim to provide a place for the exchange of news, issues and results, by bringing together researchers, developers, educators, students and professional users, working in fields that contribute to high resolution audio, to present original theoretical or practical work. It also serves as a discussion forum, provides introductory and in-depth information in specific domains, and showcases current products.

On-line registration and a full Preliminary Program Guide are now available.

JAES April AES Journal Is Available On-line Here
The issue includes:
• Papers on:
      Conditional Stereo Widening Detection
      Objective Measure of Surround Configurations
      Forensic Identification of Tape Recordings
      Removing Speed Variability from Archived Recordings
Feature: Audio for Mobile Devices
Preview: 31st Conference, London
AES Standards Committee News
News of the Sections, New Products, etc.

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