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Friday 13th February


Special Event: Techniques for building virtual worlds: perspectives from leading Japanese game studios

Co-chairs: Steven P. Martz (THX), Bike H. Suzuki (Sona)

Presenting authors: Tetsukazu Nakanishi (Namco-Bandai), Kanako Kakino (Namco-Bandai), Ryuichi Takada (Namco-Bandai), Kazuya Takimoto (Capcom), Eiji Nakamura (DiMAGIC), Chiharu Minekawa (DiMAGIC), Kazutaka Someya (DiMAGIC)

This workshop evaluates current methods of game sound production in Japan. Panelists will demonstrate techniques and systems used in creating the audio for several cutting-edge Japanese video game titles through a progressive look at the sound design process. Presenters will explain the production flow used in the making of a cut scene and introduce their post-production strategies in construction of the sonic landscape. The cut scenes will show the progression from a dry mix (no reverb, no processing, etc) to a fully immersive environment through the viewpoints of a sound programmer, a sound mixing engineer, and an acoustician. Their results will be shown with explanations of the methods used.


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