AES Vienna Exhibit & Partner At AES Vienna

AES VIENNA 2020 brings a fresh new approach to the AES European Pro Audio Convention.
Worlds combine with practical demonstrations, workshops and performances with keynotes, technical and academic groundbreaking programs and sessions, from the leading figures and manufacturers in our industry.
Immersive Audio and Microphone Technology and application are two of the key focuses at this AES event.
Experience a World of Audio and network this May at AES VIENNA.

3m x 2m - 1,620 EUR/USD*
4m x 2m - 2,000 EUR/USD*
3m x 3m - 2,200 EUR/USD*
5m x 2m - 2,400 EUR/USD*
3m x 4m - 2,900 EUR/USD* (Peninsula)
4m x 4m - 3,800 EUR/USD* (Peninsula)
6m x 3m - 4,000 EUR/USD

Demonstration/Meeting Rooms
Limited Supply
Audio Demo Rooms - 9,000 EUR/USD*
Meeting Rooms - 5,000 EUR/USD*

Partners & Sponsors

Masterclass Partner
Includes 2 x practical demonstration stage session workshops and marketing including email blast + optional Table-top
7,000 EUR/USD*

Workshop Partner
Including stage session and marketing 3,000* EUR/USD*

Hands-on Training Partner
Includes practical demonstration stage session and marketing + optional Table-top
5,000 EUR/USD*

Education & Careers Fair Sponsor
3,000 EUR/USD*

Networking Event/Mixer Sponsor
5,000 EUR/USD*

Custom Packages are available upon request
*All invoices for EU companies will be in euros and will be subject to 20% VAT (reverse charge applicable).