AES New York 2011
Workshop W7

Friday, October 21, 2:00 pm — 3:30 pm (Room: 1E08)

W7 - Highly-Directional Microphones for Sound Recording

Helmut Wittek, SCHOEPS Mikrofone GmbH - Karlsruhe, Germany
Gary Elko, mh acoustics
Christof Faller, Illusonic LLC
Michael Militzer, Microtech Gefell
Klas Strandberg, Telinga

Times are changing quickly with regard to highly directional microphones both in theory and in practice. Most systems aim at optimal speech transmission and intelligibility in communication applications. However, there are also new approaches that sound engineers can consider using for certain recording purposes as well (e.g. the Eigenmike® array, the KEM 970, and the SuperCMIT). Along with improved communication microphone solutions, they will compete with conventional methods such as short and long interference tubes as well as parabolic mirrors.

So which method fits which application best? Can these new microphone types be used for applications such as music recording, location sound, nature recording? Each has different advantages with regard to frequency response, directivity, flexibility, price, robustness, predictability of results, and practicability. The workshop will compare them on the basis of technical data, practical experiences and sample recordings.

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