AES New York 2011
Platinum Producers

Friday, October 21, 11:45 am — 1:45 pm (Room: 1E15/16)

Platinum Producers

David Weiss, SonicScoop Co-founder
Steve Jordan
David Kahne
Gabe Roth

The Producer's Portfolio

Everyone agrees the artist hires the producer to serve the band or singer/songwriter and their music. This panel, however, will address the producer’s personal artistic visions, and the growing bodies of work their creative philosophies pilot into reality. Considered a creative artistic force in their own right, each of these producers collaborates fully with their clients both in pre-production and the studio. Participants will explore the artistic sensibilities they’ve nurtured, how they’ve expressed themselves in their work, and how that self-assurance and unique perspective has enabled their careers to flourish.

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