AES New York 2011
Legends of Nashville Sound

Saturday, October 22, 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room: 1E15/16)

Legends of Nashville Sound

Cosette Collier
Wes Bulla, Belmont University
Jim Kaiser
Mike Poston, Audio Services Group
Bil VornDik, Producer/Engineer

The Nashville section of AES present a continuation of their previous presentation, LEGENDS OF NASHVILLE SOUND/HISTORY OF NASHVILLE'S RECORDING STUDIOS. This latest installment features the engineers, producers, and studio musicians responsible for the “Nashville Sound.” The Nashville studio eras that will be featured are “The RCA Years” (beginning early 50s), “The Monument Studio Years” (beginning early 60s), “The Woodland Years” (beginning mid to late 60s), and “The Jack ‘Cowboy’ Clement Years” (beginning early 70s).

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