AES New York 2011
Historical Event

Friday, October 21, 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm (Room: 1E13)

Leopold Stokowski and the History of Analog Recording

Robert Auld

Leopold Stokowski was active as a recording artist from 1917 until 1977—virtually the entire period of the recording of music by analog technology. Further, due to his obsessive interest in the art and technology of recording, he was frequently in contact with engineers and researchers who were working on technical advances. Therefore, it is possible to trace most of the major developments in analog recording over nearly 60 years through examining the recordings of Leopold Stokowski.

Auld's multimedia presentation will include rare audio recordings, still photos, and film clips, all drawn from the extensive activities of Leopold Stokowski over the course of his career. Special attention will be paid to his involvement in the development of multichannel sound recording, including his collaboration with Bell Labs starting in 1932, his work with Walt Disney for the film Fantasia, and his encouragement of recording in quadraphonic sound in the 1970s.

Robert Auld is an audio engineer active in New York City and the northeast region. His clients include National Public Radio, the BBC, Riverside Symphony, Beantown Swing Orchestra, and many others. He has written for Recording Magazine on technical audio issues and has made presentations on historical audio subjects at AES conventions and section meetings. He is a former chairman of the New York Section of the AES.

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