AES New York 2011
Game Audio Event G2

Thursday, October 20, 10:30 am — 11:30 am (Room: 1E13)

G2 - Audio Shorts: Tools

Simon Ashby, VP Product Strategy - Co-founder at Audiokinetic
Peter "pdx" Drescher, Twittering Machine
Michael Kelly, DTS, Inc.

This hour long session will be split into three twenty-minute segments. Each segment will go in depth into a subject that is near and dear to the presenter. Audio Shorts is designed to pack in as much usable information in as short of period of time as possible. It’s like the Reader’s Digest of game audio tutorials. You won't want to miss this one.

Shorty #1: Usage and Optimization of Run-Time Convolution Reverb for Games — Presenter: Simon Ashby, VP Product Strategy - Co-founder at Audiokinetic
Despite the fact that the current generation of gaming platforms are really powerful, the usage of convolution reverb is just emerging and the perceptions that this technology is too expensive for games holds strong. This talk will demonstrate different techniques on how convolution reverb can be optimized to fit most game resource budgets while underlining the situations where using a standard parametric reverb may be preferable.

Shorty #2: Data Compression for Games — Presenter: Michael Kelly, Principal Audio R&D Engineer, dts
Game audio developers are always trying to squeeze more data into the allotted RAM resources they are given. The presenter will discuss current audio codec’s and their application for games as well as future trends.

Shorty #3: Make it Even Smaller! — Presenter: Peter “pdx” Drescher, Twittering Machine
When you need to make that data even smaller than any audio codec could ever assist with, you need to develop techniques for creating awesome sounding content in as little space as possible. Considered an authority on audio for mobile platforms, the presenter will divulge some of his techniques for creating a compelling audio experience in as few bits as possible.

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