AES New York 2011
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B15

Sunday, October 23, 11:00 am — 12:30 pm (Room: 1E10)

B15 - New Initiatives in Digital Audio Playback and Automation for Radio

Paul McLane, Radio World
Don Backus, Enco
Hari Samrat, Broadcast Electronics
Brad Young, Wide Orbit
Jeff Zigler, RCS

As the line blurs between traditional radio and internet streaming, automation providers are exploring new technologies to serve broadcasters. From enhanced and simplified user interfaces to the ability to control a number of streams from a single workstation automatically, many initiatives are focused on the operator. Others, like running automation on virtualized hardware and increased utilization of cloud computing are focused on the engineering side. Learn how leading providers are addressing these and other issues to assist broadcasters in serving a rapidly changing market.

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