AES New York 2011
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B14

Sunday, October 23, 9:00 am — 10:30 am (Room: 1E10)

B14 - Considerations for Facility Design

John Storyk, Walters Storyk Design Group
Dirk Noy, Walters Storyk Design Group

Topics for discussion will include:

1. Pre-design: Translating your business plan into spaces and places. The right shapes for the creative workplace leasehold / building. Important Criteria for comparing potential leaseholds/buildings—Can you get there? Circulation & pathways for People, Stuff & Content; Is the structure & infrastructure ready for your business?; Can your workflow work there? An Essential Design Methodology: Due Diligence, Analysis, Concepts, Policy, Design, Manage, Realize. The Project Team: Who you need, how to hire and manage them. Budget & Schedule, every step of the way.

2. Design: Trends in the changing multi-media workplace. Simple techniques to manage acoustical and technical performance with minimum expense. The importance of coordination.

3. Purchasing: No need to re-invent any wheels—standard processes, contracts and business structures.

4. Construction Administration: Roles of Project Team members. Managing changes in scope and schedule. One place, seven contractors, one on-air date. 

5. Future Proofing… How to plan for upgrades, new developments in fiber optics and changes in production/post production formats and procedures. How evaluate new technology introductions, how to separate meaningful innovations from ‘smoke & mirror’ trends. 5.1 yes. 3D? Odorama? The jury may still be out.

Attendees will leave with a good overview of best practices, opportunities and pitfalls related to capital project development for the industries represented at AES.

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