AES New York 2011
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B10

Saturday, October 22, 11:00 am — 12:30 pm (Room: 1E10)

B10 - Backhaul in the Twenty-First Century

Frank Bolognino, Modular Monolith Systems
Bruce Berensen, Sirius/XM
Kirk Harnack, Telos Alliance
Chris Tobin, Musicam USA

Backhaul, or “the Clean Feed,” is transmitting point-to-point to an individual television / radio station or broadcast network. In the IP world of the 21st Century, new digital codecs and cellular technology have changed the way broadcasters get their feeds back to Master Control.

Some of the items we will discuss include new hardware and software technologies; reliability; cost-effectiveness; compatibility; and latency, bandwidth, and network restriction issues.

The panel will also tell of some of their experiences in planning remotes, interfacing with I.T., and some of the live events they have done using these new technologies.

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