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Monday, May 14th
9:00 hr Forum Hall

W-9 Microphones and Sound Pickup in the Digital Era: an Eleven Year Itch?

Chair: Cornelis van der Gragt, Consultant/Educator, The Netherlands

Manfred Hibbing (Sennheiser, Germany)
Stephan Peus (Neumann, Germany)
Jacques Sax (Sonosax, Switzerland)
Norbert Sobol (AKG, Austria)
Adriaan Verstijnen (Harlekijn, The Netherlands)
Jörg Wuttke (Schoeps, Germany)

During the 88th AES Convention in Montreux (1990), a panel of experts took part in the workshop 'Microphones and Sound Pickup in the Digital Era'. For the 110th Convention, the idea has risen to repeat this workshop in an identical format to check the 1990 topics with 2001's state-of-the-art. In this respect 'identical' also means the same panel and chair. The 1990 topics were:

-          mutual phase integrity

-          transformers or not

-          transient response and fidelity

-          matching microphones and mixers

-          A/D converted microphones: developments and prospects

-          sound pickup techniques: have they really changed?

Together with the workshop visitors the panel will discuss whether these topics are still valid in the new millennium and where the emphasis should now be placed. Attendants are most welcome to bring their recordings to an adjacent demo-session, as long as they illustrate one or more of the discussed items (Genelec demo room, date and time to be announced during the workshop).

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