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Sunday, May 13th
14:00 hr Room L

W-8 Watermarking and Audio Quality

Co-chairs: Gilbert Soulodre, Communication Research Centre, Canada
Thomas Sporer, Fraunhofer-AEM, Germany

Paul Jessop (IFPI, UK)
Joseph Winograd (Verance, USA)
Christian Neubauer (Fraunhofer-IIS, Germany)
Bob Stuart (Meridian Audio, UK)
J¸rgen Herre (Fraunhofer-IIS, Germany)

In DVD and SDMI one essential technique to protect intellectual property rights is audio watermarking. The idea of audio watermarking is to perceptually hide information in audio signals. In theory the watermark is totally inaudible and does not impair the audio quality. This workshop analyses the problem of how to evaluate the perceived quality of watermarked audio signals. After an introduction to different applications of audio watermarking (also outside the realm of conditional access) and the technology used to generate the watermarking signals we will present examples how watermark and watermarked signals sound like. A major part of the workshop will concentrate on the methodology of testing high quality audio signals. Finally we will discuss the issue of hostile attacks to the watermark and its influence on audio quality.

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