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Saturday, May 12th
14:00 hr Forum Hall

W-3 Evaluation of Spatial Sound Reproduction

Chair: Francis Rumsey, University of Surrey, UK

Søren Bech (Bang & Olufsen, Denmark - descriptive analysis (DA) principles)
Jan Berg (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden - applications of repertory grid technique)
Natanya Ford (University of Surrey, UK - verbal versus non-verbal elicitation methods)
William Martens (University of Aizu, Japan - applications of multidimensional scaling)
Russell Mason (University of Surrey, UK - physical measures related to spatial attributes)
Nick Zacharov (Nokia Research Center - application and analysis of DA methods/data)

The evaluation of spatial quality in sound reproduction requires that pertinent subjective attributes are identified. Furthermore, suitable experimental designs and statistical methods for dealing with the resulting data are required. In parallel with subjective experimentation goes the need to identify physical features of sound fields and signals that relate to spatial attributes, in order that systems and recording techniques may be designed to optimize those qualities that relate most strongly to consumer preference. This demands the development of advanced psycho-acoustic models.

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