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Student Recording Competition Winner Interview - Bo Pang

Bo Pang accepts her Gold Award in the Sound for Visual Media category.

Bo Pang accepts her Gold Award in the Sound for Visual Media category.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what do you study?

    My name is Bo Pang. I grew up in Qingdao, an upper east coast city in China known for its rich artistic environment film industry. I grew up with music and film and knew I wanted to do something with both of those areas, so I applied to the Beijing Film Academy. I received my foundational knowledge of filmmaking there, specializing in skills regarding sound, gaining hands on experience in shooting film and nurturing my passion. During the last year of school I went to London to study sound arts and design. The artistic environment of national museums and galleries and sound installations expanded my imagination. They helped me overcome language barriers and realize that filmmaking is a universal concept. I became more confident in my skills and determined to come to the United States to further my education, continuing my journey at Chapman University where I completed my MFA in sound design this year.


  1. What initiated your passion for audio? When did it start?

    Music has always been a part of my life since a young age when I started playing the piano. Pictures would always come to my mind when playing different melodies. This not only helped me develop my sensitivity to sound, but also encouraged me to explore my imagination. I became interested in sound design in primary school. One of my favorite things to do was close my eyes and listen to the sounds on my grandma’s balcony. It brought everything to life; happy birds in the spring, cicadas in the summer, dry leaves rustling in the autumn, and the cold wind in winter. I remember how dramatic it felt during a storm when the rolling thunders came with low-end rumbling and how raindrops brightened everything when they hit the tin roof. Sound is very important to me because it makes my memories so vivid. As I learn more about audio and have more experiences, I am discovering how much it is already a part of my life and engrained in my heart.


  1. Tell us about the production of your submission. What is the story behind it? What inspired it? How long did you work on it? Was it your first entry?

    My submission is from a sci-fi short film that I worked on during my time at Chapman as sound designer, supervising sound editor, and re-recording mixer. The film tells the story about a young shipping pilot, searching for his missing wife. It was a new world with hundreds of visual effects, challenging me to explore my imagination to create good storytelling. One of the most interesting parts of this project was to record as many sound as possible for the sound design. I did several Foley sessions to record and experiment different sound elements ranging from something as tiny as a water drip to as loud as thunder. I went into the field and recorded more elements, including metal chains on a train and the whirring of plane engines. As there were many sound effects everywhere in this film, it was challenging for me to find the right balance for dynamic mixing. I learned a lot while using my technical skills to make my ideas come alive. I worked on this film for two months. It was my first entry.

  1. What/Who made you join AES?

    The first time I was introduced to AES was in 2018 when one of my friends told me of the many opportunities this organization provided for learning in classes, events, and journalism. After I found out more information I applied for student membership. During my time as a member I was able to volunteer for AES at the 2019 NAMM Show. I felt very appreciated like I was part of a family.


  1. Tell us about your favorite experiences at the 147th AES Convention in New York!

    I had two favorite experiences at the 147th AES. The first was the student competition panel, which allowed me to show my work and also learn from industry professionals and other students. The second moment was the amazing classes AES had. I learned many new specialized skills and techniques, as well as having the chance to meet many people from all over the world who were passionate in audio, sharing our experiences and ideas with each other.


Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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