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AES 134th Convention Student Design Competition Winners

134th AES Convention Rome 2013

The resounding success of the recently-revived Student Design Competition is a testament to the progression and growth of the AES student body.
At AES 134 in Rome, we received a number of strong entries dominated by students of the UK, Poland, and Austria. Projects encompassed many facets of hardware and software design, ranging from computer applications for DAW control to vacuum-tube circuitry to new microphone techniques, and even to power generation for energy-efficient signaling networks.
The competition was made possible by our generous sponsors. A big thank-you to Cycling '74, DSP Quattro, Cockos, Audiofile-Engineering, Focal Press, and Auralex for providing exciting prizes for our competition awardees!

Awardees of the 134 AES Student Recording and Student Design Competitions

CAT 1 | Undergraduate Level



Diego Fagundes, SAE Institute London
"LiveRoom - An Interactive Virtual Music Listening Environment"

Cycling '74 MAX software, REAPER DAW, Quiztones ear trainer



Piotre Klinke and Pawel Trella, Gdansk University of Technology
"Virtual Spatial Sound Reproduction on Mobile Device's Earphones"

Designing Plugins in C++ (Focal Press), REAPER DAW, Quiztones ear trainer, Auralex MoPads


CAT 2 | Graduate Level



Michal Lech, Gdansk University of Technology
"Gesture-Controller Sound Mixing System"

Cycling '74 MAX software, REAPER DAW, Quiztones ear trainer



Florian Pausch, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
"A New Double-Cone Microphone Array"

DSP-Quattro plugins, REAPER DAW, Quiztones ear trainer



Josef Schauer, TU Graz
"Networked Power Flower Bell"

The Audio Expert (Focal Press), REAPER DAW, Quiztones ear trainer, Auralex MoPads



Michal Korzeniowki, AGH University of Science and Technology
"iTweak — MIDI over WiFi iPad Controller"

REAPER DAW, Quiztones ear trainer

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