Project AES-X248 initiation

[page updated 2018-10-06]

This project was proposed by D. Josephson. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the SC-04-09 Working Group on Assessment of Acoustic Annoyance.

TITLE AES-X248, AES Standard: Assessment of Acoustic Annoyance
SCOPE This effort identifies practices for estimation of annoyance of man-made sounds in the presence of background sounds, for automotive/aircraft, consumer, professional and land use planning applications. It includes intentionally generated sounds such as music and sporting events, and unintentional sound such as transportation system noise. It is to include auditory masking, not only integrated sound pressure. It considers relative disturbance but does not set thresholds for acceptability. It does not consider health impacts of sound.
RATIONALE Generators of “nuisance” sounds, and policy makers, need an objective measure of the disturbance created, which depends on their amplitude, frequency distribution and dynamics. While overall “annoyance” often includes non-acoustic components, audibility of a sound over an acoustic background can be objectively assessed, and the likelihood of audibility is thought to be a suitably objective measure of relative annoyance.
WHO BENEFITS? Designers of sound systems, operators of audio and musical equipment, designers and operators of transportation and other mechanical systems.
WHY AES? AES standards and technical committees enjoy participation of experts in auditory perception which will be critical to useful standards in this area.
AES - Audio Engineering Society