Project AES-X243 initiation

[page updated 2017-11-16]

This project was proposed by J. Berryman. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the SC-02-12 Working Group on Audio applications of networks.

TITLE AES-X243, AES70 Recommended Practice for AES67 Connection Management
SCOPE Publish a document that describes the preferred way to implement AES70-CM3 connection management for AES67 unicast and multicast connections.
OUTPUT INTENT Information Document
RATIONALE AES70 includes a comprehensive stream connection management feature set that can support a variety of media transport methods over a standard (albeit customizable) control interface. By having a single, powerful control interface, AES70 connection management will alleviate current issues of AES67 interoperability, while at the same time facilitating the use of AES67 in conjunction with other standard and proprietary media transport schemes. The result will maximize interoperability without overcomplicating system controllers.
WHO BENEFITS? Manufacturers, specifiers, and purchasers of network interfaced audio equipment.
WHY AES? The members of AES SC-02-12 have extensive knowledge of networked audio, AES67 and AES70 technology.
AES - Audio Engineering Society