Project AES-X241 initiation

[page updated 2017-03-30]

This project was proposed by S. Hutt. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the SC-04-03 Working group on Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement.

TITLE AES-X241, End of Line Testing for Production Loudspeaker Drivers
SCOPE To specify parameters and methods of measurement required for end-of-line quality control tests performed on loudspeaker drivers manufactured for automotive, consumer and professional applications. It includes requirements for mechanical setup. It does not consider measurements of loudspeaker systems or multi-driver arrangements.
RATIONALE The audio industry needs a standard that identifies critical parameters and values that verify that production loudspeaker characteristics fall within a set of tolerance criteria. Specifically, automobile and loudspeaker system manufacturers need a standard that aligns loudspeaker production capability with feasible tolerances that can be achieved by loudspeaker suppliers at a reasonable cost.
WHO BENEFITS? Manufacturers, specifiers, and purchasers of loudspeaker drivers.
WHY AES? The AES standards committees enjoy participation of both loudspeaker driver manufacturers and end users in consumer, pro & automotive markets.
AES - Audio Engineering Society