Project AES-X238 initiation

[page updated 2016-03-15]

This project was proposed by J. Berryman. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the SC-02-12 Working group on Audio Applications of Networks.

TITLE AES-X238, Media network directory architecture
SCOPE To develop a statement of requirements for a directory service architecture, possibly including an automatic network discovery mechanism, suitable for professional media networks of all scales, from tabletop to intercontinental.

A directory service is the software system that stores, organizes and provides access to information in a directory. In a network, a directory service defines the namespace for the network. Discovery is a set of directory functions that automate directory updating.

Further steps to identify systems capable of meeting these requirements are expected subsequently.
RATIONALE A complete media network solution requires a comprehensive directory based on a rigorous namespace specification that is independent of the underlying network topology.

An automatic network discovery mechanism working in concert with the directory is desirable in some applications.

The first step in developing such a solution will be to develop a consensus on requirements.
WHO BENEFITS? Infrastructure development community; Professional audio community, Professional video community; IT industry
WHY AES? A standardized directory architecture suitable for professional media is critical for the development of audio infrastructures, and is important for AES members.

Audio networking requirements familiar to the AES community should be taken into account in any future standardization efforts in this area. Availability of the report should help accomplish this.
AES - Audio Engineering Society