Project AES-X222 initiation

[page updated 2013-10-31]

This project was proposed by M. Natter. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-05 and assigned to the SC-05-02 Working group on Audio Connectors.

TITLE AES-X222, New audio data connector
SCOPE To specify basic dimensions and application details for two- and four-contact circular connectors including a circumferential shield, used for balanced interconnections of sound system components for professional audio, commercial, recording, broadcast and similar applications, carrying either analog or digital signals.
RATIONALE The professional audio community has been searching for an alternative to the XLR type connector that nowadays is considered bulky. The alternative should exhibit the same robustness, reliability and handling capabilities at a smaller size.

Miniature XLR-type connectors cannot provide the same degree of robustness as XLR-type connectors do, and other small-scale connectors as used in or derived from consumer and IT equipment (USB, for example) cannot meet the requirements of professional applications.

A new connector system is proposed that addresses the key issues indicated above. It consists of a continuous system (that is, two different types for each free and fixed connector). Each connector houses two signal contacts (an extension to 4 contacts is planned) in a housing which incorporates an internal circumferential shield. Like the XLR type the system has a positive locking mechanism.

WHO BENEFITS? Professional audio community, designers of equipment needing pro-audio connections but with limited panel space.
WHY AES? Successful standardization of a new audio connector would directly benefit AES members.
AES - Audio Engineering Society