Project AES-X216 initiation

[page updated 2013-03-04]

This project was proposed by Brian Vessa for SMPTE. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the SC-04-08 Working group on Measurement and equalization of sound systems in rooms.

TITLE AES-X216, Liaison with SMPTE project on Calibration Pink-Noise Standard and Test File
SCOPE This project will liaise with SMPTE TC-25CSS in their project to "Create a pink-noise Standard, and a reference pink-noise file available in a digital audio file and DCP formats that conform to the description of the pink noise in ST 202:2010 and RP 200-2012 and for which the time domain (mean, standard deviation, skew, kurtosis, etc) and frequency domain (energy per bandwidth, bandwidth, etc) characteristics are defined. Specify the algorithm used to generate the pink-noise file." The project will consider comments as appropriate for communication to SMPTE.
RATIONALE Pink noise generators on the market have measurable differences that can create calibration differences between cinemas. The creation of a stand-alone pink-noise Standard and reference file (with known statistics and characteristics) will eliminate an important variable in the calibration process.
WHO BENEFITS? Cinema installation technicians, cinema customers
WHY AES? Complementary to other work proceeding in SC-04
AES - Audio Engineering Society