Project AES-X215 initiation

[page updated 2013-03-04]

This project was proposed by Brian Vessa for SMPTE. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the SC-04-08 Working group on Measurement and equalization of sound systems in rooms.

TITLE AES-X215, Liaison with SMPTE project to codify current procedures to calibrate the Cinema B-Chain
SCOPE This project will liaise with SMPTE TC-25CSS in their project to Codify current procedures as used by skilled theater technicians to calibrate the Cinema B-Chain. The project will consider comments as appropriate for communication to SMPTE.
RATIONALE Current standards for B-chain calibration include SMPTE ST202 and ISO 2969 which have been used since the mid 1970s, however the effectiveness of this calibration still varies widely. Measurement equipment and technology has evolved since these standards were made. No standardized procedure exists for using modern technology (such as dual DFT-based transfer-function technology) to calibrate cinema theater B-chain systems.
WHO BENEFITS? Cinema installation technicians, cinema customers
WHY AES? Complementary to other work proceeding in SC-04
AES - Audio Engineering Society