AES-X193 initiation

[page updated 2010-05-31]

This project was proposed by Wolfgang Ahnert. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-04 and assigned to the working group SC-04-01 on Acoustics and Sound Source Modeling.

TITLE AES-X193, Sound source modeling - Array and cluster polar radiation measurements
SCOPE The standard will specify how the angular measurements of polar radiation data for arrays or cluster arrangements of loudspeakers shall be made and documented. This acquired data is suitable for application in room acoustic, electro-acoustic, and sound system predictions, and loudspeaker data sheets.
RATIONALE Multiple loudspeakers may be used from the same or different manufacturers to create an array or cluster of loudspeakers. There are additional requirements necessary for these measurements beyond those spelled out in the existing AES56 standard. It is important that these requirements be standardized in order to enable the use of this data in room acoustic, electro-acoustic, and sound system predictions.
WHO BENEFITS? Designers, contractors, installers and operators of loudspeaker arrays and clusters
WHY AES? A critical view of the work by a group of experts in the field of Audio Engineering for professional audio devices, and hence its subsequent enhancement for application to such devices.
AES - Audio Engineering Society