AES-X192 initiation

[page updated 2010-12-01]

This project was proposed by Kevin Gross. It was approved under our rules by Subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the working group SC-02-12 on Audio Applications of Networks.

TITLE AES-X192, High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability
SCOPE To specify protocols and interoperability guidelines for professional, low-latency streaming audio over high-performance IP networks.
RATIONALE The most recent generation of networked audio technology uses a diversity of proprietary and standard protocols. Despite a common basis in IP, none of the systems deployed or under development are interoperable. The latest crop of networking technology has not yet reached a level of maturity precluding changes to improve interoperability. A standardized basis for interoperability will help designers of equipment that inter-operates with other equipment, and will support extended multi-vendor systems with greater predictability.
WHO BENEFITS? Equipment designers and manufacturers, system designers, system installers, owners and operators of installations.
WHY AES? Because the AES has no proprietary interest in any existing standards, the AES can provide an objective forum to combine existing industry efforts and form a professional consensus.
AES - Audio Engineering Society