SC-04-03 meeting report, San Francisco, 2012-10

Report of the meeting of the SC-04-03 Working Group on loudspeaker modeling and measurement of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics, held in San Francisco, CA., US., 2012-10-28

The meeting was convened by chair S. Hutt.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were accepted as written.

Open projects

AES-1id-R, Review of AES-1id-1991 (r2003): Plane-Wave Tubes: Design and Practice
This information document is very close to release. Some minor edits were made with an updated draft posted on the working group document site. Some details regarding SI units remain to be clarified.

An updated version of the draft document will post in a few weeks.

AES2-R, Review of AES2-1984 (r2003): AES Recommended Practice - Specification of loudspeaker components used in professional audio and sound reinforcement
Some remaining details in this draft were discussed. Recommended edits to the latest document are posted on the working group document site in a draft with date October 28 2012.

The secretariat will be formatting the document for release of Call for Comments by 2012-11-05.

Proposals for new sections or "major" changes to this document will be entrained for a second revision that could happen as early as next near.

New projects

AES2-1, above, is focused on Drive Units. Part Two - loudspeaker systems, will be taken up after release of part one.

New Business:

Following discussion on the SC-04-03 reflector about test methods, the group considered developing an information document on test boxes and enclosures that might be duplicated accurately in different locations around the world. The intent is to identify a test setup that allows different test facilities to reproduce measurement results produced by others with matching test system. This would be intended as a correlation system only with no intention to modify or replace IEC, JIS, or AES test standards.

The chair will kick off a reflector discussion in the near future after closing AES2R 2012 part one. Comments to the reflector this topic are welcome and encouraged.

The next Meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 134th Convention in Rome, Italy, May 2013

Steve Hutt
chair, SC04-03

AES - Audio Engineering Society