SC-04-03 meeting report, Budapest, 2012-04

Report of the meeting of the SC-04-03 Working Group on loudspeaker modeling and measurement of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics, held in Budapest, Hungary, 2012-04-27

The meeting was convened by chair S. Hutt.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were accepted as written.

Open projects

AES1-id-R Review of AES-1id-1991 (r2003): Plane-Wave Tubes: Design and Practice
The secretariat will reformat figures for review at San Francisco.

AES2-R Review of AES2-1984 (r2003): AES Recommended Practice - Specification of loudspeaker components used in professional audio and sound reinforcement, Part 1 "Drive Units"
After much discussion on the noise generator in New York and since, it has been agreed that the standard will not contain or reference the noise generator. We will reference the Wave file containing 12dB crest-factor noise and make it available. We also would like to see D. Gunness's document on crest factor edited slightly to be provided as an Information Document referenced in the AES2-R annex.

An updated AES2-R part 1 draft with most recent edits has been posted to the reflector. Comments on content with alternate suggestions are requested by 2012-05-18.

A final working-group draft will be Secretariat formatted and and circulated to this working group with the expectation of publishing a formal Call for Comment during Week 22.

Development projects

AES-X129 Loudspeaker Distortion Perception and Measurement
This Project has been retired.

New Projects

Not exactly a new project but we will be moving on to AES2-R Part 2 (Systems) right after wrapping part 1 (above).

New Business:

Not exactly new business, but we would like to reach out to the Technical Committees (L & H in particular) for input to SC-04-03.

Next Meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 133rd Convention in San Francisco, CA., US., October 2012

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