SC-03-07 meeting, London, 2011-05

Report of the meeting of the SC-03-07 Working Group on Audio Metadata of the SC-03 Subcommittee on Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recordings, held in London, UK., 2011-05-15.

NOTE this working group's meeting was held jointly with that of SC-03-06, although agendas and reports were handled separately

The meeting was convened by SC-03 chair C. Chambers.

The agenda and the report of previous meeting, held in San Francisco, CA., US., 2010-11-06. were approved as written.

Development Projects

AES-X071: Liaison with SMPTE Registration Authority
Scope: to formalize a working relationship with the SMPTE Registration Authority Current status: Review current SMPTE set and compare with AES requirement. Contact SMPTE with examples of variance.

No action reported. Work awaiting the completion of AES60 before moving on with class 13 metadata dictionary entry review.

AES-X114: Metadata review
Scope: to study and report on the methods and techniques for attaching and implementing metadata through all aspects of interfacing real-time and file-transfer audio, including, where related to audio, other metadata related to other media. The scope includes metadata for professional recording, sound reinforcement, production, broadcasting, and transmission as well as the exchange of metadata and associated audio among different organizations. It also includes the development of techniques, such as UML, to aid the description of the relationships and flow of metadata requirements in an open and recognised way.

Current review work covers the work of the EBU P/LOUD group The contribution to AES41 part 5 loudness metadata was discussed. (Available on the FTP site) There seems to be a fairly straightforward metadata set contained in this document that covered loudness metadata. The question for the meeting was when it comes to exchanging audio material, what metadata should be considered appropriate for embedding within any other metadata standards? There are five attributes to consider in this document that are defined in EBU Tech doc 3285 (Broadcast Wave) with further descriptive information in R128. It was suggested that maybe these definitions should be defined in a core rather than a transport standard. The question was asked if this loudness metadata would be put into the EBU core and this question was left open for wider discussion. If it subsequently found that it would go into the EBU core, clearly this would follow that the same set should be included in AES60.

AES-X134: Core metadata for audio exchange
Scope: To study and produce a standardised set of XML tags, along with their definitions, that describes the core set of metadata to accompany professional audio when being transferred by file or streamed formats.

Status: Currently out for public Call for comment as AES60. Due to close by the end of June 2011.

Discussions around the EBU core ensued. It was noted that the EBU core is being further developed and this will have the effect of requiring work on revising AES60 at the next meeting in New York. It was suggested that this new revision could be prepared in advance of the next meeting and the revision process instigated at the next meeting. It is hoped that Tormod Vaervagen could prepare an updated document for AES60 this summer. A more general question is that should the AES reference external schemers or use internal versions in the future given the potential rate of change. It was hoped that Vaervagen could supply the text reflecting the changes to the EBU core and send this to the Standard secretary so the changes could be assessed in relation to the CFC.


There were no other liaison issues.

New Projects

No new projects were received or proposed.

New Business

There was no new business

The next joint meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 131st Convention in New York, 2011-10.

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