SC-02-12 meeting, San Francisco, 2010-11

Report on the meeting of the SC-02-12 Working Group on Audio Applications of Networks of the SC-02 Subcommittee on Digital Audio held in San Francisco, 2010-11-05.

The meeting was convened by chair R. Foss.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting, 2010-05-22, were accepted as written.

[For a more detailed status for each project, please check the Project Status page.]

Open Projects

AES-R10: AES standards project report - Use cases for networks in professional audio Scope: to identify and clarify use cases for networks in professional audio applications for Recording, Live sound, and Installations
Current status: Revision for wide area use cases proposed by N. Brock Discussion: M. Mora indicated that the IEEE1722.1 working group was utilizing this report. Richard Foss requested any further contributions to this report. Brock said that he could contribute uses cases relevant to long distance networking.

Development Projects

AES-X075: Liaison with IEC TC100 for IEC 61883
Scope: Prepare recommendations and assist the work of IEC TC100SC-02-12 regarding the development and maintenance of relevant parts of IEC 61883. Any assigned task group shall report project progress to SC-02-12 and shall ask SC-02-12 for its advice on content. Administrative review of the project shall follow AESSC rules.

Current status: Continuing

Discussion: J. Yoshio provided a liaison report that described work done on TC100 specifications related to SC-02-12. He reported that IEC/TC100 meetings were held in conjunction with the IEC general meeting in Seattle, 11-16 October. These related to 60958-3, 61937-1/2, and 61883-6. He highlighted advances in the IEC 61883-6 specification, which has particular relevance to our working group. The IEC project leader for 61883-6 is currently busy with a CDV of IEC 61883-6 Edition 3.0. The full liaison report can be found on the working group document site.

AES-X137: Liaison with 1394 Trade Association (1394 TA)
Scope: Liaison with 1394 Trade Association (1394 TA)

Current status: Continuing

Discussion: There was no-one to provide a liaison report for this project. Foss said that he had tried to contact the previous 1394TA liaison with no success. Some 1394TA information was provided within the AES-X075 report, relating to the A/M protocol. Foss will determine who an appropriate liaison person will be for future meetings.

AES-X170: Integrated Control, Monitoring and Connection Management for Digital Audio and other Media Networks
Scope: The objective of this project is to create and standardize:
1. A set of structured Internet Protocol-based messages that can be used to control single parameters or groups of parameters, and to monitor these parameters. The parameters are associated either with typical signal processing functionality within audio devices, synchronization between such devices, or connections between such devices.
2. A mechanism for grouping of device parameters, and messages required to implement such grouping.
3. A mechanism for the control of latency within networks of audio devices, and a specification of the messages and parameters required for the control of such latency.
4. Parameter modifiers, and the messages required to create and configure such modifiers.
5. Security levels, and the messages required to set and get such levels.

Status: New draft on WG document site for review

Discussion: Foss indicated that there was an updated document on the working group doc site. There are a few changes to the previous document - an additional message type, additional flags, enhanced modifiers, enhanced parameters. There has been feedback from J. Grant pertaining to the last version, and these have been addressed. There will be a 4-week period provided for comments. After this, a Word document will be made available for secretariat-formatting and creation of a Proposed Call for Comment (PCFC).

AES-X192 High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability
Scope: The goal is to standardize the format for audio data within IP packets. Currently there are a number of ways of transmitting uncompressed audio over IP. There are even a number of ways of transmitting audio using RTP.

Status: PIR and first draft

Discussion: A completed Project Initiation Request (PIR) has been received from K. Gross. Gross presented details of the project in the form of a presentation. He pointed out the various commercial and standards bodies that had done work in the field of audio over IP. He indicated the need to provide a standard approach to such issues as message formats and synchronization. He advocated finding commonalities amidst the current implementations and standards, and then expanding on these commonalities. He has uploaded his presentation onto the working group document site. This project will now be considered for initiation by Subcommittee SC-02. S. Harris indicated how the DLNA initiative had accomplished this goal in the consumer space.


Liaison with AVB - M. Mora gave an overview of the various standards that make up the Ethernet AVB suite. He reported that further work was being done on IEEE 1722, in particular media clock management and motion JPEG. Mora chairs the IEEE 1772.1 group and reported back on the draft standard that has been created within this group. Work is being done on discovery, enumeration, connection management and control. Gross added that he had proposed 1722 packets be transmitted within IP packets. There was some discussion of content protection.

Liaison with ESTA - P. Nye was not able to make it the meeting. Foss pointed out the update that he had posted to the reflector.

Liaison with MPEG - J. Grant was not able to make it to the meeting, but had previously updated the reflector with MPEG activities related to this working group.

Liaison with IEC 62379 - P. Stevens reported briefly on the activities related to IEC 62379. Part 5 deals with control across heterogeneous networks. Within the EBU is an IP measurements group - part 7 deals with end-to-end measurement.

New Projects:

There were no further projects.

New business:

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 130th Convention in London, UK, 2011-05.

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