SC-03-06 meeting, New York, 2007-10

Report of the SC-03-06 Working Group on Digital Library and Archive Systems of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording meeting, held at the AES 123rd Convention, New York, 2007-10-07

The meeting was convened by chairman D. Ackerman.

The agenda and report from the previous meeting, held in Vienna, Austria 2007-05-07, were accepted as written.

Development Projects

AES-X098B: Administrative and structural metadata for audio objects

Status: the draft had been secretariat-formatted for PWD. Some additional revisions were discussed here.

There was a discussion about the width of a tape, and how to define this without the use of the word "flange". The meeting agreed to use the wording, "the width of the tape perpendicular to the direction of travel", accompanied by a suitable diagram.

B. McCoy raised the question whether we needed a wire structureType. For example, do we need to add parameters for minimum and maximum diameters of recording wires? It was felt that this would be unnecessary because the tape structureType handles the three dimensions.

Ackerman proposed for annex B: TCF XML schema [and clause 5?]:

  1. Change all of the TCF attributes into elements.
  2. M. Yonge and Ackerman need to verify new sample rate table
  3. In, change counting-mode type to remove all references to PAL and NTSC.
  4. Move the timeRange type, in 5.3, from the TCF schema to the audio object schema. This will remove a cumbersome extra level of heirarchy.
  5. In, bitrate reduction, add a packet list for the purpose of recording the packet structure of data-compressesed audio files. The packetList will consist of packet elements each with a file offset, and a packet length.

AES-X98B will be edited to reflect the discussion, after which it should be able to enter the formal part of the process.

AES-X098C: Administrative metadata for audio objects - Process history schema
No new progress to report. Two changes were proposed as a result of the Sound Directions grant project:

  1. Add additional ways of linking between the AES-X98B and AES-X98C documents using xpointers or ID idref relationships.
  2. Simplify the reciprocal ID idref relations in the document if possible.


Nothing to report.

New Projects

No new projects were proposed

New Business

1. An MPEG-A file format has been proposed for archival purpose. Comments from this group are invited.

2. A report or guideline on how to implement and use AES-X98B and AES-X98C was discussed. Volunteers are needed to work on it.

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