SC-03-12 meeting report, 2007-05, Vienna

Report of the meeting of the SC-03-12 Working Group on Forensic Audio of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording, held in Vienna, Austria, 2007-05-07

The meeting was convened by vice-chair Eddy B. Brixen.

The report of the previous meeting, 2006-10-06, was accepted as written.

Open projects

AES27-R: Review of AES27-1996 (r2002): AES recommended practice for forensic purposes - Managing recorded audio materials intended for examination
Assigned to: SC-03-12
Initiated: 2002, Intent: Reaffirmation
Target: 2007, Current goal: CFC for reaffirmation, Goal date: 2007-06
Status: No action requested or required
Since the last meeting a survey among the member have shown that this document should be re-affirmed without any changes.

AES43-R: Review of AES43-2000: AES standard for forensic audio - Criteria for the authentication of analog audio tape recordings
Project scope: This standard specifies the minimum procedure for the authentication of analog audio tape recordings intended to be offered as evidence or otherwise utilized in civil, criminal, or other fact finding proceedings. It does not specify or restrict additional testing procedures that can be used.
Assigned to: SC-03-12-C (Leader: R. Sanders)
Initiated: 2005, Intent: Review
Target: 2010, Current goal: PWD, Goal date: 2007-10
Status: Draft under discussion in SC-03-12-C
In the last meeting it was decided that the title of this document should be changed to reflect the specific methodology applied. Now it was discussed whether the alternative methods like the application of Faraday crystals and mutitrack heads should be included in the same standard or should form separate parts. It was underlined by Robin Caine, that it would be much easier to manage individual documents on each methodology as different parts of on standard. The existing standard could be used as a kind of template for the other specified methodologies. It was agreed that the task group should prepare an outline for three separate documents, the existing standard being the first one.

Development projects

AES-X135: Forensic audio - Recordist Audio Evidence Collection (FARAEC)
Assigned to: SC-03-12-D (Leader: W. Dooley) Initiated: 2002-10
Intent: Information document, Target: 2007
Current goal: PTD, Goal date: 2007-10
Status: Draft to be considered by the WG
A final task group draft has now been produced by Wes Dooley. This document can be found on the SC 03-12 document site as: x135-wld-070428.doc. All workgroup members are requested to read and comment this document before the next meeting.


There were no liaison issues. However, Catalin Grigoras who is a member of other forensic audio societies, offered uploads of various reference documents that have been published by these societies and that might be of special interest to the workgroup members.

New Projects

There is an ongoing work on verifying the ENF methodology for the authentication of digital recordings. This work has come so far that the workgroup wants to initiate a new project. Eddy B. Brixen will make the formal request to the SC management. If accepted by the SC03, Catalin Grigoras will chair this TG. The members of the task group will then be: R. Sanders (VC), E. Achren, R. Max, A. Cooper, D. Begault, and E.B. Brixen.

New business

There was no new business. The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 123rd Convention in New York, NY., US, 2007-10.
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