SC-03-02 meeting report, Vienna, 2007-05

Meeting of the SC-03-02 Working Group on Transfer Technologies of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording, held in Vienna, Austria, 2007-05-06

The meeting was convened by chair L. Gaustad.

The agenda as well as the report from the previous meeting, held in San Francisco 2006-10-06, were approved as distributed.

Open Projects

AES-X106 Styli shape and size for transfer of records
F. Lechleitner will distribute a document he has written formatted to fit the skeleton draft, this will enable us to see which part are missing and needs to be worked on. Our American colleagues are specially asked to review the input and make comments. The draft is now expected to be available 2007-10.

AES-X064 Test methods and materials for archival mechanical media
The test records are now produced and for sale from the AES publication site. The working group thanked S. Davies and M. Yonge for their considerable input to the project.

There is still some work to be done, namely approving of the text, "Calibrating signals and test records" by G. Brock-Nannestad, posted to the group document site as x64-gbn-notes-030320.doc. Comments on the draft should be made by 2007-05-20, Brock-Nannestad will finalise the document with addition of correction tables provided by Davies. These will be made by comparing the output of the original pressing, either the Abbey Road copy or the British Library Sound Archive copy, with the new pressing. The missing documentation formatted as a report needs to be up on the web by 1 June.


There were no liaison reports.

New Projects

The Chair will put forward an Project Initiation Form for a project that will specify signals to be used when ordering test cylinder.

New business

There was no new business

The next meeting will scheduled to take place in New York, 2007-10.

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