SC-05-02 meeting, San Francisco, Oct 2006

Report of the meeting of the SC-05-02 Working Group on Audio Connectors of the SC-05 Subcommittee on Interconnections, held in conjunction with the AES 121th Convention in San Franscisco, U.S.A., 2006-10-05

The chair of SC-05-02, Ray A. Rayburn, convened the meeting.

The agenda and the report from the previous meeting were approved with the note that there was a disagreement on one item in the report.

Open Projects:

AES-R3-R: Review of AES-R3-2001: TRS Connectors
To be folded into AES-X113, and retired after AES-X113 is published.

AES14-R: Review of AES14-1992 (r2004): AES Standard for professional audio equipment - Application of connectors, part 1, XLR-type polarity and gender
Secretariat to add editorial reference to IEC 61076-2-103 at next printing.

AES26-R: Review of AES26-2001: AES Standard for professional audio - Conservation of the polarity of audio signals
Proposed to reaffirm this standard.

AES45-R: Review of AES45-2001: AES recommended practice for single programme connectors - Connectors for loudspeaker-level patch panels
Proposed to reaffirm this standard.

Development Projects:

AES-X011: Fiber-Optic Audio Connections: Connectors and Cables Being Used and Considered for Audio
A new Draft was received 2006-10-05, as was an email suggesting removal of annexes except Annex B from the proposed Standard. After discussion it was agreed to keep Annex B & G; remove Annex D; remove the tutorial material in Annexes C, E, F, & H and turn it into a Report as a second output of X011; and add definitions to the Standard.

AES-X105: Modified XLR-3 Connector for Digital Audio
Draft requires insertion of drawings.

AES-X113: Universal female phone jack
New draft discussed. It was agreed to remove the drawings of the commercially available jacks from Annex C, and substutute a list of jacks certified by their manufacturers as meeting the intent of this Information Document. It is our hope that other manufacturers of will identify jacks to be added to the list. R. Chinn agreed to make these changes to the latest Draft as well as some minor wording changes and post a new Draft.

AES-X123: XL Connectors to Improve Electromagnetic Compatibility
Project is intended to produce several output documents. The initial document is intended to specify circumferential contact between male and female XLR connector shells. The male connector circumferential contact area shall be the entire inside of the shell around the male contacts, which shall be conductive and of a suitable material to serve as a contact. The female connector shell contact means and location will be left up to the manufacturer to decide. Chair will contact M. Natter and ask if he will prepair a Draft of the circumferential contact Standard. We are awaiting a Draft of the filtering Standard from J. Woodgate.

AES-X130: Data Connector in a XL Connector Shell
New draft discussed. 4.3 needs better dimensioning to assure connector compatibility. The axial center line and reference plane of the modular data connector are not clear in the Draft. It must be spelled out that the axial center line of the modular data connector and of the XLR shell shall be the same. The IEC Standard on the modular data connector shall be a Normative reference, and there shall be a Informative section with enough information from the IEC Standard to clarify the drawings in this Standard. Information on the number of mating cycles that may be expected of the enclosed connector has been posted and needs to be incorporated into the Draft.


Nothing to report

New projects

No new projects were proposed

New business

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 122nd Convention in Vienna, Austria, in 2007-05.

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