SC-03-02 meeting report, 2006-01, San Francisco

Meeting of the SC-03-02 Working Group on Transfer Technologies of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording, held in San Francisco, CA., US., 2006-10-06

The meeting was convened by the chair, T. Sheldon.

The agenda were approved as distributed. No report from the previous meeting held in Paris, 2006-05-21 was available.

Development Projects

AES-X064: Test methods and materials for archival mechanical media
Project scope: Production of a limited series of a test record set including a re-edition of the IEC PUB 98 coarse-groove 78-RPM test frequency record and a lateral-cut geometrical and level test calibration record, with adequate technical and historical documentation and instructions for use in calibrating a playback system.

Assigned to: SC-03-02; Initiated: 1997; Intent: Standard; Target: 2006;
Current goal: Production; Goal date: 2006-09;
Status: Production of test discs in development.

Discussion: The manufacturer of the tone discs has been changed. Now a French company will be producing the discs. The run will be 200 sets, and sale cost will be $100 per set. Each set will contain two discs, an historical disc and a reference disc. Set will be sold as AES publications. Set should be available for sale in 2007. S. Davies is the leader of this project. The IEC-78 standard was used in the EMI master discs that are being used in this project.

AES-X106: Styli shape and size for transfer of records
Project scope: to identify the mechanical part of the interface between a mechanical record and an electrical signal representative of the intended information stored by the mechanical record. The standard will propose a set of guidelines to ensure optimal retrieval of the recorded information in various groove systems used in mechanical recording.

Assigned to: SC-03-02; Initiated: 2000-02; Intent: Information Document; Target: 2005;
Current goal: PTD; Goal date: 2006-11;
Status: Awaiting PTD

Discussion: A "skeleton" draft of the project was written and distributed by the Standards secretariat some months ago. No action has occurred since. The Working Group affirmed the viability of the project, and noted the need to find individuals to lead the effort. C. Lacinak and D. Ackerman agreed to approach E. Jacobs to ask if he would lead the project by developing a draft for consideration by the Working Group. Subsequent to the meeting E. Jacobs agreed to undertake this work with C. Lacinak and D. Ackerman serving as writing team members. The draft is due by 2006-12-01 to the WG reflector.


There were no other liaison issues.

New Projects

No new projects were received or proposed.

New Business

There was no new business.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 122nd Convention in Vienna, Austria, 2007-05.
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