SC-03-12 meeting report, 2006-05, Paris

Report of the meeting of the SC-03-12 Working Group on Forensic Audio of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording, held in Paris, France, 2006-05-21

The meeting was convened by vice chair Eddy B. Brixen.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting, 2005-10-09, were accepted as written.

Open Projects:

AES27-R: Review of AES27-1996 (r2002): AES recommended practice for forensic purposes - Managing recorded audio materials intended for examination.
Status: Draft for update expected
Initiated: 2002; Intent: Revision , Target: 2007
Current goal: PTD for revision
There was no input from the taskgroup for this meeting. Hence no action was taken. The chair encouraged participants with interest in this specific document to contribute on the reflector. The taskgroup is chaired by T. Owen.

AES43-R: Review of AES43-2000: AES standard for forensic audio - Criteria for the authentication of analog audio tape recordings

Status: PTD. (Companion digital document also proposed TBC)
Intent: Revision , Initiated: 2000 , Target: 2005;
Current goal: PWD
The document (regarding analog recordings) has been updated by R. Schlesinger and was prepared in advance of the meeting. The document (as found on the document site: AES43schlesinger-edit060321.doc) was accepted as PWD.

The current status of the companion digital document was discussed. Nothing has been presented in writing to the WG. However, a paper by Catalin Grigoras suggests a methodology that is valid in case of the mains signal being present in the recording. It was expressed that the companion document rather should be an independant document as the methodologies for the authentication of digital recordings may end up very differently to the methodology stated in AES43.

Development Projects:

AES-X135: Forensic audio - Recordist Audio Evidence Collection (FARAEC)
Status: Editorial continues
Intent: Information document , Initiated: 2002-10 , Target: 2005;
Current goal: PTD
No action was taken.

New Projects:

There were no new projects.

New business:

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 121st Convention in San Francisco, USA, 2006-10.

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