SC-02-12 meeting in San Francisco, 2004-10

Report of the meeting of the SC-02-12 Working Group on Audio Applications Using the High Performance Serial Bus (IEEE 1394) of the SC-02 Subcommittee on Digital Audio meeting, held at the 117th AES Convention, San Francisco, 2004-10-27.

The meeting was convened by chair J. Strawn

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were approved as written.

Development Projects

AES-X075: IEC Liaison for IEC-PAS 61883-6
On behalf of J. Fujimori, Strawn gave the Liaison Report. TC100 TA4 is working on MT61883-6 Ed.2.0: Consumer audio/video equipment - Digital interface, which is now ready for final draft International Standard (FDIS) circulation to the IEC National Committees.

AES-X101: Data Type, Properties, and Method Definitions for Audio Device Application Program Interfaces (API)
We await the report formatted by the Secretariat.

AES-X126: Profile for professional audio over 1394
SC-06-02-G had met earlier in the same day, and discussed

  • BridgeCo's "Bebop" document, presented by S. Harris, on implementation of audio over 1394 for breakout boxes;
  • Strawn's first draft of a document to serve as a foundation for other 1394-related standards, especially embracing the use of IEC 61883-6 for professional audio;
  • New drafts of the 1394 Trade Association (1394TA) Music SubUnit and Audio Subunit documents.
  • Strawn and M. Yonge will review the formatting of the Generic Data document in preparation for publication.
  • three efforts under way in the 1394TA to update audio video control (AV/C) for professional audio applications.

AES-X127 : Liaison with IEEE 1394.1
P. Johannsen reported that the 1394.1 bridge specification cleared ballot in May and is expected to be released after a meeting in 2004-12, and should be published by the IEEE soon after that. As a result, this project should be retired by the AES 118th Convention.

AES-X132: Synchronisation of audio over IEEE 1394
This project is now removed from suspension. Harris reports that BridgeCo will resume work on the AES-X132 document. The secratariat will be needed to help with formatting

AES-X137: Liaison with 1394 Trade Association (1394 TA)
Fujimori provided a report. The A/V Working Group has voted in favor of the Plural-Node Implementation of a Professional A/M Device (Project 2004001) and the revisions of the AV/C Music Subunit Specification 1.1 (Project 2004007)

Following up on the discussion in Munich, J. Yoshio talked about lip sync between video and audio devices. Commands communicate delay time information between AVR and DVD Player in consumer electronics systems are being proposed to the 1394TA AVWG. In addition this topic is being discussed in the IEC TC100 Advisory Group Strategy (AGS), and there is activity in the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA), where one solution is to transmit SMPTE 12M time code in the U bit in AES3 or the LABEL of IEC 61883-6.

New Projects

No new projects were proposed

New Business

There was no new business

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 118th Convention, in Barcelona, Spain, 2005-05.

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