Meeting of SC-06-06, Berlin, 2004-05-08

Report of the meeting of SC-06-06 working group on Audio Metadata of the SC-06 subcommittee on Network and File Transfer of Audio held in Berlin, Germany, 2004-05-08.

The meeting was convened by chair C. Chambers.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were accepted as written.

Development projects.

AES-X114: Metadata review.
This project's key purpose is to review metadata work across the AES groups.

This meeting reviewed the work of task group AES-X111 (UMID insertion into the AES3 stream) being carried out within working group SC-02-02. This task group has completed its work and its output documents is close to completion. From a metadata point of view, this work will produce a key link between live audio streams and the metadata associated with these streams until such metadata is "wrapped" with the audio in file based structures like Broadcast Wave (BWF), AAF or MXF files.

The meeting also had a summary report from the chair of SC-03-06 on the progress of the Administrator and Audio Metadata schemas for libraries and archives. This is key work effectively producing a core audio metadata set which all other audio metadata requirements could be mapped.

No other current metadata issues with AESSC working groups were raised.

AES-X134: Core audio metadata XML definitions.
The goal of this task group is to produce a number of metadata "sub sets" for specific tasks, and map these sets to the administrator and audio schemas being produced in SC-03-06 that could be considered as defining the metadata "super-set". The chairman agreed to produce a scope for this task group.

Two schemas were presented to the meeting; one from NRK, Norway and one from Tokyo FM Broadcasting, Japan. These were described in some detail.

The meeting agreed that AES-X134 should concentrate on the use of XML documents and schemas to develop and define professional audio metadata sub-sets to be mapped to current administrator metadata. This work should not reinvent the administrator metadata already produced in SC-03-06 but should identify and add those items considered to be required for professional audio exchange that do not currently exist.

The chairman hoped that there would be time for a task group meeting to be held soon. [An ad hoc task group meeting for AES-X134 was in fact held immediately following this meeting.]


The meeting expressed the importance of maintaining a common approach to metadata exchange with the SMPTE and the EBU.

New Projects

No new projects were submitted or proposed.

New Business

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 117th Convention in San Francisco, CA., US., in October 2004.

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