Meeting of SC-03-12, Berlin 2004-05-10

Report of the SC-03-12 Working Group om Forensic Audio of the SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 116th Convention in Berlin, Germany, 2004-05-10

The meeting was convened by vice chair E.B. Brixen in place of chair T. Owen.

The agenda was approved as written.

No report of the AES 115th Convention in New York, NY, USA was available.

Open projects

AES27-R: Review of AES27-1996 (r2002): AES recommended practice for forensic purposes - Managing recorded audio materials intended for examination.
No actions were taken.

AES43-R: Review of AES43-2000: AES standard for forensic audio - Criteria for the authentication of analog audio tape recordings.
No actions were taken.

Development projects

AES-X010: Guidelines for Forensic Analysis: Study of Requirements for Identification and Enhancement of Recorded Audio Information.
No actions were taken.

AES-X135: Forensic audio - Recordist Audio Evidence Collection (FARAEC)
No actions were taken.

New business

TC on forensic audio
The lack of reports from the sub-groups led to a discussion on the general working process and the outcome of the group. A standards group should concentrate on the writing of standards. Nevertheless this group has been a forum of many valuable discussions and actions. However this kind of activity is rather related to the Technical Council.

As a result of the discussion it was decided to contact the chairman of the Technical Council on order to establish a Technical Committee on forensic audio.

AES International Conference on Forensic Audio It was mentioned that an International Conference on Forensic Audio to be held June 2005 is in the planning stage.

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the AES 117th Convention in San Francisco, US., 2004-10.

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